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5G technology represents another technological innovation that will completely change pornography forever. The low latency and increased speed will allow porn to be an immersive, interactive user experience. This will be accomplished by fusing virtual reality, extended reality, haptics, and holographic technology to generate a personalized journey for each individual based on their needs and preferences.

The basic definition of haptic is “the use of technology that stimulates the senses of touch and motion, especially to reproduce in remote operation or computer simulation the sensations that would be felt by a user interacting directly with physical objects.” (Google Dictionary) Haptic full-body suits are already being developed that will enable the user to have tactile sensation throughout their body. A user could fully participate with the porn they were watching. Pair a haptic suit with virtual reality goggles, and one would feel as if they were actually part of the pornographic media. The future of pornography, like many other realms, is very exciting. Someday, a brain implant or even a wearable on your forehead could replace the necessity of a full body suit and goggles.






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